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5 Dangers of Avoiding Fixing a Leaking Roof

There are certain home maintenance items that one may easily get away with putting off. Unfortunately, a leaking roof isn’t one of them. No matter how the leak got there in the first place, it can create serious damage to your home and its foundation. So whether it was caused by improper installation, damage from […]

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How to Handle Roof Leaks

Homeowners typically have three requirements when it comes to their home: the kitchen can fit everyone, the toilets flush, and the roof does not leak. The first two items can be seen all year long (though heard is more like it). But roofs- who has time to look at a roof? It’s up, it’s there […]

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Who Should Fix Your Hail Damaged Roof?

If you have a hail damaged roof, you have a big problem on your hands. The hail may have ruined the shingles on your home and also caused damage to the under layer of roofing material. The integrity of your room could be affected and your home could be at risk of a leak. You […]

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