Flat Roofing Services in El Paso

While flat roofing is not as common on homes, it’s often used for large commercial buildings and businesses. Flat roofing has many key differences from sloped roofing, which makes performing maintenance and repairs slightly different. It’s important to have routine maintenance done on flat roofs because they are prone to ponding water and leaks. If your flat roof needs maintenance, El Paso Roofing Co. can help.

Facts About Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are energy efficient and can keep your building cool when covered with special manufactured materials. Flat roofs have a lifespan of about 20 years and are ideal candidates for solar panels and rooftop gardens.

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Common Flat Roofing Problems

Ponding water isn’t the only problem flat roofs face. Because flat roofs are, well, flat, debris doesn’t have anything to slide off of. When debris piles up on a flat roof, it can cause damages such as punctures and cave-ins. If a flat roof doesn’t have a proper filtration system, rainwater and melted ice can pond, causing leaks, a sagging roof, and possible water damage inside the building.

Flat Roofing vs. Sloped (Residential) Roofing

Besides the matter of slopes and angles, flat and sloped roofs have many differences. For one, flat roofs typically house the air conditioning unit for the whole building. This air conditioning unit is much larger than a residential HVAC as well, so it can put a lot of weight on the roof. Sloped roofs usually have the AC unit on the ground beside the house.


Typical Flat Roofing Maintenance

Despite water, melted ice, and blown and fallen debris, routine maintenance can reduce the number of problems your flat roof faces. Ponding water and debris can cause damage, ruin HVAC units, and increase your energy bills by damaging your roof’s insulation. Typical flat roofing maintenance includes draining water, repairing your roof’s infiltration system, and getting rid of debris.

El Paso Roofing Co. Can Help!

DIf you have a home, office, or business building with a flat roof, we can help you take care of it. The last thing you want is to stop operations or have your employees go home because of an issue with your roof that could have easily been taken care of with routine maintenance. Whether you need roofing maintenance and repairs or you need to replace your roof altogether, with over 30 years of experience, we can help you take care of your roof. Call us today for more information.

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