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Wind and hail can cause serious damage to your roof that you shouldn’t wait long to fix. If you’re in the El Paso area and need help repairing damages on your roof, El Paso Roofing Co. can help. We’ve been helping the El Paso area for more than 30 years and can help get your roof back to tiptop shape. In El Paso, we see a lot of hail and wind damage, but don’t fret because we’re here to help.

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How to Spot Roof Damage

It can actually be easy to spot damage on your roof without even climbing on it, which we definitely don’t recommend. But by going outside and taking a good look from the ground, you may be able to see missing shingles or faded areas that need to be repaired. When looking for wind damage, check out the corners and perimeter of your roof, since these areas are more susceptible to wind damage. Your roof may also get damaged from flying debris during a windstorm, which should be easy to spot. Tree branches, large pieces of trash, glass, and anything else that the wind carries around can cause damage. Even trees near your home that have branches touching your roof can scrape and gouge the roofing material.

It’s important to understand the roofing material your roof is made from in order to know how to spot hail damage. If you have composite or asphalt shingles, you may be missing shingles or be able to see small craters indented in the shingles themselves. If you have a tile roof, the tiles can break from hail damage, while metal roofs may dent. You may be able to see these damages by observing your roof from your front yard.

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Hail Damaged Roof

The amount of hail damage roofs can take before repair is hard to determine. The damage a hail storm can cause depends on many variables. The size and density of the hailstones, wind speed and direction, and the age and quality of your roof all make a difference. After a storm, assessing the hail damaged roof might be difficult. A few other signs to look for after a hailstorm include loss of granules, black spots on your roof shingles, broken or missing shingles, and asphalt that appears shiny. When it comes to roof repairs, there is little our experts haven’t seen.

Roof Wind Damage

El Paso is known for its strong winds, especially at the beginning of spring. The problem with roof wind damage is the fact that sometimes you can’t see the results of a bad wind storm. Strong winds can cause stress points on a roof. Over time, the roof’s durability can be compromised. Since corners and edges of a roof are especially susceptible to wind damage, if there are any spots where roofing materials are even a bit loose, the wind will get beneath and loosen them. Over time, if the problem isn’t taken care of, a chain peeling effect could happen, exposing large portions of your roofing.

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Whether you need your damaged roof repaired or need a replacement altogether, we can help. We have experience working on a variety of roofing materials and can help repair yours. Give us a call today.

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