How to Handle Roof Leaks

back view of a woman holding up a blue bucket to a roof leakHomeowners typically have three requirements when it comes to their home: the kitchen can fit everyone, the toilets flush, and the roof does not leak. The first two items can be seen all year long (though heard is more like it). But roofs- who has time to look at a roof? It’s up, it’s there and dependable… until you feel the rain inside your kitchen.

So how does one handle a roof leak? There’s abuelita’s method of using the mop bucket positioned just so, and the water recycled into the many indoor plants. Or, the simplest solution, take care of your roof before leaks pop up, (or is it down?).

Call in the Experts Right Away

Buying a new roof is something people only do a few times in their lives if that, but replacing your roof is a big job. So, if you need a new roof, working with a contractor is your best bet. El Paso Roofing Co. can help replace your old roof and install a new one for you.

Sometimes, just because your roof is damaged, doesn’t mean you necessarily need to replace it. A contractor can also help you figure out if you should or not, but there are some signs you can keep an eye out for as well.

While not all indications that you need to replace your roof are obvious, there are a few signs that you can spot right away. If you see granules around your home on the ground, this is the first indication. Missing or flapping tiles is another clear sign. From across the street, or while pulling into your driveway, you might notice large dark patches on your roof. This is another indication that roof repairs are needed.

Get a Roof Inspection Done

Many clients call and ask how to know if they need repairs or a roof replacement. Our best answer is to let an expert assess the damage. We know what to look for and we can tell if your roofing problems require a simple fix or a whole new roof replacement. Whether you have experienced roof wind damage or years of sun exposure, we can help.

Roof Repair Vs. Roof Installation

Sometimes, the easiest jobs seem like the hardest tasks and sometimes it’s the opposite. What is the difference between repairs and installation? Hail damage in El Paso can leave homeowners with either a simple patch job or a whole enchilada installation. How to tell the difference? Call the experts and let them assess the damage.

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