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The Dangers of Undiagnosed Roof Wind Damage

When it comes to wind, our Sun City gives the Windy City a run for its money. Our city is plagued by high winds, mostly in the Spring, but they have been known to hit hard in the Fall as well. We as residents have gotten used to dealing with the wind, although knowing when […]

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How to Handle Roof Leaks

Homeowners typically have three requirements when it comes to their home: the kitchen can fit everyone, the toilets flush, and the roof does not leak. The first two items can be seen all year long (though heard is more like it). But roofs- who has time to look at a roof? It’s up, it’s there […]

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Common Roof Repairs Explained

If your roof is still fairly new but has sustained some damages either from storms or other causes, you may not need a new roof installation. A roof repair may be more in order. When it comes to roofing problems in El Paso there are a few common repairs that pop up on a regular […]

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