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An Exploration of Asphalt: Past, Present, and Future 

It is ubiquitous. We find it where we play, where we drive, where we rest. That’s because it constructs our highways, airport runways, car parks, racetracks, tennis courts, basketball courts, and, of course, the shingles that form our roofs. Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates; it could be crushed rock, sand, gravel or slags. We […]

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How Residential and Commercial Roofs Differ

El Paso Roofing has years of experience in both commercial and residential roofing. As you’ve probably noticed, many businesses have a flat roof design, while most homes have a sloped roof, but why? Why don’t business roofs look like residential roofs or vice versa? Well, this article will go over the basic differences between the […]

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Dangers of DIY Roof Repair: Why You Should Trust an Expert

  We’re sure you’ve known at least one know-it-all handyman who thinks he can do it all. Busted pipes? He’ll fix it himself. Janky air conditioning? He’ll just Youtube it. Leaky roof? He’s got a ladder and a hammer, so he’ll save some money and patch it up no problem. Until…he calls you from the […]

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Tips for Choosing a New Roof

At El Paso Roofing we’re keen on solid roof installations. Since replacing or installing a roof isn’t something that’s done often, we know that this investment should be for the long-term. Whether it’s a commercial or residential roof you’re looking to replace or install, the preparation work is important. There is a wide range of […]

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Get To Know Asphalt: What Is It and How Did It End Up On Your Roof?

Asphalt is like sugar. It’s in everything. Of course, you wouldn’t want to ingest any amount of it, not even on special occasions. Yet, asphalt is in our roads, highways, landing strips, bike paths, and etc. It’s also an important ingredient in the roof shingles that likely cover your house. Let’s take a look at […]

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