Dealing With Roof Wind Damage

Roof that has been severely damaged by a wind storm.

Roof wind damage is very common after serious wind storms in El Paso. If your roof is affected by wind, you need to act quickly before you start to get water damage and have further problems with your home. El Paso Roofing Co. understands what is involved in repairing a roof that has been damaged by excessive wind. We can assess the extent of your repairs and help you to create a comprehensive repair plan.

Repairing Wind Damage to a Roof

Wind can do extensive damage to a roof. One big issue that wind can cause is blowing shingles off of your roof. Shingles are necessary to protect the under layer of the roof and to keep water out of your home. If shingles blow off your roof as a result of excessive wind, your roof can cease being waterproof. This means that your entire roof, as well as the insulation, will be prone to water damage. Wind problems that affect the structural integrity of your roof have to be addressed right away. This way, you can address a relatively minor issue before it becomes a major issue that will cost more to resolve.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Wind Damage?

Insurance will often cover the costs of roof wind damage, depending upon the terms of your policy. You should carefully review your homeowner’s insurance to see if your roof repairs are covered or not. In addition, you need to see what type of damages your policy covers. You also need to know what your deductible is so you can determine if it is worth making a claim. El Paso Roofing Co. can help you work with your insurance company to get the costs of roof repair paid under appropriate circumstances.

Getting Help with Roof Wind Damage

El Paso Roofing Co. can provide you with roof wind damage repair. We will restore your roof so it can continue to provide protection for your home. As soon as a storm comes through and your roof sustains damage, you should take action. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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