Can a Roof Coating Fix Your Leaky Roof?

roofing expert unwinding roof coating material atop a home's roof

If you have a leaky roof, a roof coating may be able to fix it. Roof coatings are made from specially applied roofing membranes. The coatings have elastic properties and can range in thickness. When applied, coatings become the top layer of your roof. A coating that adheres to the roof can stop water from penetrating, thus solving your leak issue. Coatings can also help prevent leaks in the first place. Contact El Paso Roofing Co. today to find out more about whether a roof coating will work for you.

Why a Roof Coating is a Good Solution

A roof coating is a good solution to leaks for different reasons. A coating can be applied over a large area of the roof. If you have multiple leaks, they can all be corrected by the coating. If you aren’t certain where the leak source is, a coating can cover a wide area. This maximizes the chances of stopping the leak, wherever it originates from. Roof coatings can also prevent future leaks by reducing the heat of the roof and providing protection from elements. This means fewer problems with leaks in the future and a longer life for your roof.

Can You Use a DIY Roof Coating to Fix Leaks?

While a roof coating is a great solution for leaks, it is not necessarily an easy solution for El Paso homeowners. You need to know what kind of coating to use and how much to apply. You need to know where to apply it. You also need to make sure it is applied safely. Most people don’t know how to apply a roof coating effectively. Instead of taking a chance and dealing with ongoing leaks, you should get help from professionals.

Call El Paso Roofing Co. Today

El Paso Roofing Co. can apply your roof coating. We can also help determine if a coating is right for you. Give us a call today to learn more about how our professional roofers can help El Paso homeowners with all their roofing issues. Contact us today.

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