​Difference Between Pitched and Flat Roofs

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Roofs are like singers; some are more pitchy than others. A roof, like a singer, is never truly flat. It is a misconception. Roofs must have some angling or pitching in order to allow for drainage. Many times when people are looking to move or are installing a new roof, they want to know which one is better, a pitched or flat roof. No matter what roofing issue you’re facing, El Paso Roofing Co. is here to help.

Advantages of a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are known for their space saving and compact design. They are generally better for smaller structures including extensions, dormers, porches and garages. A flat roof can be defined as a horizontal base fixed to the building’s ceiling joists and then covered with a waterproof membrane. In order to enable rainwater to drain from the roof, a flat roof is slightly pitched by just a couple of degrees.Furthermore, flat roofs are both economic and efficient. So, they tend to save the owner energy and money. In addition, the construction involves considerably less labor and materials than a pitched roof and full replacement can often take just a day.

Flat roofs must have a membrane system as a roof covering. Membranes are usually sheets of roofing material that are installed in such a way so that the roof will not leak if standing water is present. There is a multitude of different membrane systems to choose from including torch-down, single-ply and built-up which are the most common. Be aware that you cannot use shingles on flat roofs.

The one real advantages to a flat roof is your home also has a large roof overhangs which is where the roof hangs out past the walls of the house but do not block your windows. It allows you to have good protection for your house as well as nice interior light. In contrast to a house with a pitched roof house which does not have the benefit of a roof overhang and you will find that while such a house may have the benefit of a sloped roof, the owners also have the increased maintenance costs for the exposed siding, trim, windows, doors and decks. This, in most cases exceeds the additional maintenance costs associated with a flat roof.

That being said, while there is a higher-maintenance cost associated with a flat roof, it is offset by lower maintenance on the home’s siding, windows, doors and decks because they are protected by the roof. This can be an excellent trade off. Furthermore, if you add a garden to your flat roof, you can make it green and remove many of the problems associated with it.

Choose Flat Roofs, Today!

If you are in the El Paso area and are interested in a flat roof, then call El Paso Roofing. They have been covering the area for over 30 years and will make sure that your roof sings the right tune and is on key.

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