Roofing Tips for Home Owners


Taking care of your roof is easier when you know what the roof needs. For most people, the only time you look at the roof is when something goes wrong. There is a draft in the house, or you notice the heater going on more often. This is usually a sign of minor or major leakage in the tile of your roofing. Or you have just weather a severe storm and need to check the roof for damage. Regardless, chances are that when you do go up on your roof, you will need some repair. El Paso Roofing can help you with any roofing issue you might have. Taking proper care of your roofing means being informed. Two things to know are what needs to repaired, and general inspection.

Repair Needs

First, you need to know a little about roofing repair. So, how do you know what needs to be fixed, what you can fix, and when to call a professional? To know what needs to be fixed look for the following: loose tiles, shifted tiles, missing tiles, indentations in the roof, and any holes. Most tiles can be replaced by hand and do not need a professional. Tiles are usually sold at home improvement stores, along with instructions on how to place them. When doing this, it is important to get the same kind, or close to same kind of tile for your roofing. This is not for appearance, rather for structural integrity.

You can usually bring one of the broken tiles in to the store, and ask for the same to close to same kind. Rarely do you need professional help for tiles replacement. Unless you have lost almost have your roofing tiles. Indentations are usually a sign of beam damage. This is not something most people know how to fix. A professional should be called in to check the damage, then make repairs. Holes on the hand can sometimes be fixed by you, if they are fairly small. If the hole is a foot or more, a professional is probably best. These are typical repair needs for the average home.

General Inspection

In addition to knowing any roofing repair needs, your roof needs general maintenance in order to stay put. General inspection for your roof is fairly simple. This does not mean going up on your roof ever week. It also does not mean only checking the roof after a storm. Once a month, to once every two months is pretty regular. The inspection should be looking for any soft spots on the roof, any indentations, holes, or shifting roofing tiles. Tiles get old, and at some point will fall off or become cheeped with time. If you see any signs of this, check the damage and then replace as needed. For any soft spots, or indentations, check the inside for similar damage. If the issue begins to spread, call a roofing specialist.

Taking care of your roof does not need to be a lot of work, or a lot of money. It is simply being aware and watchful. El Paso Roofing can help you maintain the integrity of your roof. Remember to do general inspections, and know what can be repaired by you and what needs a professional. This will help you keep your roofing in good condition for years.

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