How to Find Roof Leaks and Stop them Temporarily

Man sitting on couch dealing with two roof leaks in his living room

A roof leak can be a huge inconvenience that you want to get fixed as soon as possible. Obviously, finding the source of the leak is the first thing to do. After you have identified where a leak is coming from, the area can be properly treated. If you are not able to treat the source of a leak, it will continue to spread to other areas of your roof. Small leaks are often dismissed, but they lead to bigger problems when left unaddressed. They are also more expensive to repair after time has made the damage more severe. El Paso Roofing is experienced handling all types of leaky roofs.

Where to Look for Tracing a Roof Leak

Besides water falling from the ceiling, you may notice water stains on the roof or down the side of a wall. This is a clear indication of water damage, rotten wood or mold overgrowth. To identify the path of the water leak, follow the water stains upward. The source of a leak is likely to begin in areas where the water gathers and sits for long periods of time. Water can penetrate through roofing fillers and materials in areas of plumbing, vents, chimneys, etc.

Quick Fixes for Temporary Roof Leak Solutions

Applying a quick fix to a leaky roof can be the best way to temporarily help the issue until you’re able to get professional roof repair. Roofing

tar, roofing cement or thick plastic are common quick fix solutions to leaks.

  1. Roofing Tar – Tar seals small leaks from torn off shingles. Just spread the tar over the area including the nearby shingles to completely seal the exposed surface.
  2. Roofing Cement – Use roofing cement for small patches and short-term fixes. This type of solution lasts up to a month or less during cold weather months. It is used in place of tar to seal up areas without shingles or around chimneys.
  3. Thick Plastic – This is the best solution for large areas of missing roof shingles. A liquid that turns into hard plastic can treat a significant area until you are able to have professional help.

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