Are Flat Roofs in El Paso A Good Option for Homeowners?

A home in El Paso with a newly installed flat roof.Flat roofs are all about sustainability, ease of installation, making more storage room, and more. They offer several benefits. Although, just like any other roofing out there, they have some downsides for you to think through. Here is everything you need to know about flat roofs in El Paso

The Pros 


The biggest benefit that flat roofs in El Paso offer are that they are budget-friendly. From building to installation, the materials and services are rather cheap and affordable. 

Additionally, flat roofs are affordable when it comes to maintenance. Should you ever find the need to get repairs done, you don’t have to worry about your roof putting a dent in your wallet! 

Utilized in Many Ways 

Another major benefit that comes with a flat roof is these materials can be utilized in many ways. These roofs are often great when it comes to: 

  • Installing solar panels 
  • Installing air conditioning units 
  • Residential roofing as an outdoor lounge area 
  • Planting gardens

These are just some of the many ideas when it comes to flat roofs. The possibilities are practically endless!

Makes Interior Space More Versatile

Properties such as top-floor apartments and finished attics are made possible because of flat roofs. If there were only sloped walls produced by traditional pitched roofs, it would be much harder to make residential roofing versatile. Should your home need its maximum interior space, flat roofs in El Paso offer that significant step up. 

More Accessibility 

One last benefit we’ll discuss is the accessibility of flat roofs. Should you ever need to self-inspect or climb on top of your roof, flat roofs make it that much easier. Although, care and caution should be taken when climbing onto any kind of roof. Flat roofs tend to be much more stable than slanted roofs when the building is too small for the material. 

The Cons 

Less Stability 

Like any other materials, flat roofs have some downsides, depending on your property and needs. 

As the area of the roof increases or expands, the stability it has on a building or structure decreases. When looking into flat roofs in El Paso, you want to make sure you get the right size roofing material for your property. If not, you will find that it is necessary to compensate for the weight on the interior of the building. In this case, flat roofs do have limited options. 

Materials are Scarce

Unlike roof shingles, there are not many options to choose from when looking into flat roofs. Rolled roofing is the material that is most often used on the majority of flat roofs in El Paso. The material is often composed of the following: 

  • Bitumen
  • TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) 
  • EPOM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) or rubber  

Each of these is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Even better, there are other types of flat roofs. But, as noted, there are not many other options, especially for the aesthetic of residential roofing, to choose from. 

Limited Lifespan 

Another downside to flat roofs in El Paso is they have a limited lifespan. Their life expectancy runs anywhere from 10 to 15 years. To prolong your flat roof’s lifespan, you can add rubber shingles. On the upside, some new materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and polycarbonate roofing are becoming available, which, in turn, helps when it comes to problems regarding short roof lifespans.

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