Your Gutters and Pests: What You Need to Know

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El Paso summers are known for rain. Following a severe rainstorm comes the great possibility that your gutters will be clogged. What can you do about it? For one, you can give us a call. We’ll inspect your gutters and roof to determine if there are any issues. Being aware of what may be looming is also helpful. Gutters are intended to keep the flow of water and other debris away from your home so when there’s a clog or other things occupying this space, removing them right away is a must! Otherwise, damage can go from bad to worse. During the summer, there plenty of bugs out and when it rains these bugs tend to make their way into our homes as well as outdoor surfaces such as the gutters. 

Here’s what you need to know about pests getting into your gutters:

Mischievous Mice

Rodents are attracted to areas where they can lay their nests. With debris and other outdoor items like leaves and twigs in your gutters, this provides mice with the perfect spot for seeking shelter. Another problem you may find on your hands is that mice have the tendency to chew through wood and eventually they could make their way indoors. (Yikes!) So what can you do to avoid this scenario? Clear your gutters, fill cracks, holes, and any gaps between the outdoors and your home or building.

Bothersome Birds 

Similar to mice, birds could resort to making their nest in your gutters. Unfortunately, when one bird’s nest moves out, another could follow. Therefore, it’s important to check on your gutters regularly as it will affect your drainage system. Over time, birds could become permanent residents and this will undoubtedly have negative repercussions.  

Pesky Mosquitoes 

Several news reports have warned residents of the rise of mosquitoes here in the Borderland. The reports warn of the health risks associated with the mosquito population and the diseases they transmit. Avoiding them outside is one thing but having them enter your home is another. Since water tends to attract these pesky creatures, your gutters are the perfect spot for them to breed. So what can you do to avoid having them around? Make sure you don’t allow for debris to hang out your gutters. Following a rainstorm, clear your gutters of wet leaves and any other items that have made their way there. This will help keep mosquitoes away from your property. Any preventable measures to keep mosquitoes away from you and your family is important! 

Sneaky Snakes

Snakes?! Yes, that’s right. El Paso is home to rattlesnakes and while you may not see them, they occasionally make their way into our yards. Eventually, if the condition is right, they will attempt to go up your gutters or any area where they wish to climb. If you happen to see them in your yard, make sure to call in a professional pest management company who can safely remove them.  

Buzzing Bees

Bees love moisture! Although El Paso isn’t known for being humid, we do experience those days, especially after rain fall, where there’s moisture in the air. While the summer isn’t their prime season, they are making their final effort to gather nectar before the cold air makes its way into town. Just like many other pests, bees can make your gutters a hangout spot. To avoid this, always keep your gutters clear of debris and make sure the area is dry.   

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The purpose of your home’s gutters are to keep water away from your home! So when water isn’t properly flowing away from your home, you put its foundation on the line. When the foundation becomes wet, it will become weak. Eventually you will have cracks and other water damage. But this can all be avoided! When you contact El Paso Roofing, we’ll assess your roof and gutters and ensure all are properly working to keep your home protected. 

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