Your AC Unit Can Cause Roofing Issues

Air conditioners commonly cause roof repair. Many problems can arise from improper installation, condensation, refrigerant leaks, and even walking on the roof improperly to get to the HVAC unit. If you are experiencing leaks and suspect roofing damage from your AC El Paso Roofing Company can take care of the issue.

Roof Leaks Caused by Improper Installation

Often times homeowners don’t realize improperly installing an AC unit can cause punctures through the protective layers of the roofing. If the technician didn’t take the time to install the air conditioner appropriately and it tilts, the condensation could leak onto the roof as well. Inadequate or loose flashing left after a bad installation can be another problem.

Refrigerant, AC Leaks, and Broken Roof Tiles

When refrigerant leaks from the unit, it is usually a slow leak. But the problem arises when the leak causes the evaporator coils to freeze. The ice can then melt creating a pool around the unit. If it doesn’t cause a leak, the stagnant water might grow mold and cause a stain on the roofing material. Not only that, if the moldy puddle goes unnoticed for too long the roofing material could rot.

Swamp coolers that use flowing water to cool the home are notorious for causing roof leaks. A broken pump can cause water to flow onto the roof. Again, if the problem goes unnoticed staining, mold, and rotting can occur. If roof repairs don’t happen as soon as the problem is spotted the damage could worsen. If inexperienced technicians walk on tile roofing to get to the air conditioner, they can cause roofing issues that will require repairs. Tiles can be broken by too much weight or carelessness.

Roof Problems Caused by Other Problems

Not all roof repairs are caused by air conditioners, although that is one of the most prominent causes. Hail, wind, and age of the roof can also cause damage. With the strong El Paso windstorms, shingles lift and even fly off. When hail is large enough, causes soft spots on the roofing that can be hard to see.

Whatever the case may be, the roofing experts at El Paso Roofing Co. are ready to help. We can fix just about any problem. We also can work with your insurance company to help you with any claims. This is especially helpful if you need a new roof installation altogether due to too much damage. Contact us today to ask any questions or to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

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