What to Do If Your Roof Springs a Leak


If you think about it, roofs are rather resilient. Imagine what life would be like if we had to constantly worry that ours would blow away during one of El Paso’s crazy windstorms or if rainwater would drip through everytime it drizzled outside. Imagine having to put tarps over your desks at work because you didn’t know when the next leak will be. Fortunately, roof leaks aren’t that common, but they are possible. Here’s what you should do if your roof springs a leak.

1. Set Out a Bucket and Protect Your Valuables

This is common knowledge, but by not doing it, you could be losing a lot of money. Placing a bucket directly under the leak can save your flooring from becoming rotted or stained from the water leak. If the leak is above any furniture, be sure to cover it with tarps and, if you can, place buckets on the flatter surfaces to catch the water. Move any electronics out of the way to ensure they don’t experience water damage from the roof leaks and keep children and pets away just in case.

2. Find the Source

When roof leaks happen, water tends to pool on your ceiling before finding a port of entry into your home, such as through a vent. Find the weakest spot on your ceiling, or where the water seems to be pooling the most, and create a small hole in it. This will give the water a different place to go, rather than traveling to other entrances, letting you to better control the leak.

3. Temporary Solutions

To manage roof leaks until help arrives, you can use roofing tape, tarps, and even a bit of roofing cement to prevent the roof leaks from getting worse or causing more damage. These fixes are temporary though, so if you have roof leaks, you’ll want to ensure you don’t rely on them completely.

4. Call for Professional Help

There’s a slim chance that you can fix roof leaks on your own, but more often than not, people either make the problem worse or put themselves in danger by climbing to the roof when it’s severely damaged by water. This can cause the roof to cave in and put you in harm’s way. The safest, most reliable option is to hire a company you can trust to fix it for you. El Paso Roofing can help you. Call us today to learn more!

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