Roof Myths and Facts: The Truth That Hangs Over All Our Heads

an up close shot of a shingle roofing systemMore often than not, we have a roof over our heads. Whether you’re at home, at work, or at the grocery store, you can rest easy knowing the ceiling and roof that hangs above will protect you and everything else within the building from the elements. But roofing systems are much more than just flat panels. Here, we’ll dispell a few myths relating to roofs, while shedding light on the importance of roof repair. As always, make El Paso Roofing your go-to choice for all your roofing needs!

Myth: Roofs Need to Be Replaced Every Seven Years

The notion of replacing one’s roof every seven to ten years may seem daunting, especially because it’s not what one would consider “affordable.” In reality, roof replacement isn’t something most homeowners bother themselves with all too often, this all depends on the type of roofing system the home has. The timeframe of seven to ten years is much too short and it’s nothing short of a myth. Even composition shingles, which could be considered to be the most “fragile” shingles, last from 12-20 years. 

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, last anywhere from 15-30 years. So, simply put, no, you won’t have to replace your entire roof every seven years. If your roof faces any heavy damage, then you’ll more-than-likely have to consider a roof replacement. Thankfully, the El Paso area isn’t prone to the high wind/large tree branch dangers of other regions in the nation. 

Myth: Asphalt Shingles are Fragile 

Perhaps you’ve seen an old, run-down house with damaged, curling shingles. This image can create a negative connotation in your mind. In fact, this may cause you to choose to replace your current asphalt shingles for another entirely different shingle style. Well, we’re here to tell you the truth about what you’re seeing. As mentioned previously, asphalt shingles should last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, but that isn’t to say that they can’t last for a shorter or longer lifespan. 

When you see asphalt shingles curling, then you’re actually seeing the tell-tale signs of roof damage. In theory, asphalt shingles should last as long as their manufacturers say they will. The issue lies in how they’re installed on your roof in the first place. Improperly placed shingles can curl prematurely, leading to repairs and perhaps replacement in the future. In order to avoid this outcome, you can simply choose proper installation services from the start! El Paso Roofing can help you achieve this.

Fact: Roof Leaks Are Harbingers of Worse Things to Come

Let’s face it, it almost never rains in El Paso. Even when it does rain, it barely rains. It’s only really, truly rained perhaps a handful of times in the past year or two. When the skies really open up and let out a storm of biblical proportions, then the city of El Paso has to deal with the consequences. Our city isn’t designed to face a sudden barrage of rain. This can lead to flash flooding and even destroy entire homes, all because a street wasn’t planned with heavy rain in mind. Sadly, an individual homeowner may not be able to change the city itself but you can change your own home for the best. 

If your roof has a few leaks here and there and you think to yourself, oh, it’s not that big a deal, then you better think again. A leak, no matter the size, can spell disaster in the future. If water can get in from the outside, then that means sunlight and other harmful elements are also entering through that opening. El Paso sees much more sunshine than rain, so imagine all that light as it concentrates on your roof’s internal workings. Even early morning moisture can cause structural damage to your home. All because of a pesky leak that wasn’t repaired on time. Roof leaks are not innocuous, they require repairs as soon as possible.

Fact: Trust El Paso Roofing Co.

El Paso Roofing Co. has been serving the El Paso area for decades. We do everything under the sun when it comes to roofs. From roof inspections to total roof system replacements. Simply give us a call today to learn more about what we have to offer. We can also dispell any roof-related rumors or myths you’ve heard. 

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