How to Handle Roof Leaks in Your Home

Most homeowners know that roof damage is one of the most expensive things to fix. What they may not know is that serious roof repair can start with roof leaks. Now, to begin with, roof leaks are fairly common. Especially in areas with severe climates. But leaving roof leaks unattended can create very big problems later. On top of that, finding roof leaks can be very hard. This is because they can start off as small as nail holes. But over time they can grow to the size of a baseball. El Paso Roofing Company can help you avoid roof leaks. Roof leaks are never fun to handle, but they can be spotted pretty easily. All you have to know is how to find them, and then how to plug them.

Warning Signs

The best way to avoid getting roof leaks is to know the warning signs. Aside from climate issues, such as humidity and heavy rain, roof leaks will happen. There is not much you can do to avoid it. But you can help prevent serious roof leaks by knowing what to look for. A serious roof leak is when big or semi-big parts of your roof start to leak. Not only does this compromise your roof structure. But it also takes away from your homes installation. This can cause your electric bill to go up. To start, do not just look at your roof. Most roof leaks are actually very small and usually clustered. This means you may not be able to see them, but the damage is there. To check for any leaks, spray water over your roof, then look for any water in the attic. If possible, try and have someone spray the roof while you are inside looking for leaks. After you have found the leaks, mark the areas.

Plugging the Leaks

Now that you have found the roof leaks in your home, you can plug them. For nail holes, which are the most common. You just need to buy some roofing cement. With this cement, you will want to spread an even layer over the hole and surrounding area. After this, replace any tiles you moved. Then wait at least one day before checking the roof again. It is important to note that you should check the roofing cement before spraying water. If you spray water onto wet roofing cement it will just wash away and leave you with the same holes.

Taking care of the holes in your roof helps to prevent roof leaks. Preventing roof leaks helps extend the life of your roof. El Paso Roofing Company can help you roof leak repair. If you have a big leak, then it is best to call a professional. Remember, handling roof leaks can be simple. You just need to know how to find them and then plug them.

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