Considering Solar Power? Tips For Prepping Your Roof

As El Paso Electric mulls increasing the electric bill for thousands and climate change looms, more and more people have been considering a switch to solar panels to help. Solar panels are the way of the future, as they are widely accepted to be key to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and related infrastructure. More and more Americans are investigating solar panels as a way to lower energy bills and help the planet. 

Many solar panels in residential areas lay on home roofs, but what does your roof need to be viable for solar panels? How do you even know if your home is right for solar panels? We answer those questions in our September blog here!

Knowing If Solar Panels Are Good For My Home

Sunlight In Your Area

The biggest factor to know if you should get solar panels is sunlight exposure. Luckily, the Sun City is known for having more than enough light to go around. Still, it would help to know how well-exposed your roof is to the sunlight, and at what times. Even in El Paso, your home may not be in the best place for solar panels.

Factors that are important here are light, heat, cloud cover, rain/fog, and even snow. Some factors are less relevant in El Paso than others, but weather events and your home should be investigated to help you make a final decision.

Roof Condition

Another main consideration for solar panels is the condition of your roof. Some types of roofs are more conducive to solar panels, while others are not as ideal. Most roofing materials actually work fine with solar panels like asphalt and metal, but wood and slate roofs are harder to work with. You may also have to consider factors like pitch, shape, size, orientation, and more.

If you are confused about how all these factors are interconnected, you could ask your solar panel specialist or a dedicated roofing specialist to assist.

Government Incentives

Finally, check to see if there are any government incentives to get you to switch to solar power. Many governments across the globe have been trying to incentivize the use of solar panels by offers tax credits or even lump sums of money to purchase them. While you do your research, be sure to check for any local, state, or federal incentive programs.

Let El Paso Roofing Help You Switch To Solar Today!

Solar panels are a fantastic technology that could become a fixture on everyone’s roofs in the coming decades. Our team at El Paso Roofing can help you install and care for your roof to serve as a sturdy platform for solar panel technology.

To learn more about roofs and solar panels and how we can help, be sure to contact us today via phone or email to speak with a member of the team!

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